GeniusTrader aims to be a full featured toolbox to create trading systems. Powerful systematic trading requires several things :

GeniusTrader already supports most of this. GeniusTrader consists of a over 350 perl modules (the GT Toolkit) associated to a few perl application scripts. It has no graphical user interface since it's absolutely not needed to achieve its goals ...

Systematic trading system starts by defining a trading systems rules. In GT that is done with text strings called sys-sig-indic descriptions associated with logical trading system functions. For example, what market condition(s) and your current portfolio condition(s) are necessary to open a long position. And with respect to an open position, what condition(s) are required to close it, either partially or completely? This is an example of a trading system backtest analysis that GeniusTrader script app can generate for you.

These graphics help a lot to realize the weaknesses of your trading systems :

In addition GeniusTrader can also generate market based charts that can be used to help you create your trading system. This is an example of a chart for CUSIP 13000 (Alcatel) that GeniusTrader app script can generate for you. The script can be configured to generate graphs with most published Technical Analysis indicators. (More than 100 currently available). Plus you can devise your own by combining existing ones programmatically. The Screenshots page has many more examples of what GT can do and explanations on how to do it.

Going further ...

What you read looked interesting and you want to try ? Okay, that's why it's free software. However let me warn you : GeniusTrader is not meant to be used by the typical point-n-click end-user. You should really know a bit of Perl (well not so much actually, unless you want to hack the code itself) but if you want to use it, you'll have to understand how to craft sys-sig-indic descriptions.

That said, we can help you in that direction... you'll find everything needed in the following sections.

Report bugs, problems, etc using the geniustrader-devel mailing list.

Have fun, we hope to see you soon, we'd enjoy your contribution !